Football Pools Rules

How it Works

We play a version of the classic 'Treble Chance' football pools game run by The Football Pools. In our full permutation, any combination of eight numbers (referred to as a 'line') is eligible to win a prize - including the £3million jackpot.

The aim is to have included in our perm the matches (from a selection of 49 matches on the Pools coupon) that ended in a score draw. In each match, 3 points are received for a score draw (1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc.), 2 points are received for a no score draw (0-0) or a void match, and 1 point is received for a home or away win.

The number of points needed to win will change each week, depending on the number of score and no score draws. There are usually three dividends paid out in the Pools game, to lines achieving the top three possible scores. The amount of prize money paid for each line will also change each week. We will print details of any winnings received by the syndicate in the magazine.

The £3million jackpot will only be paid to a line matching eight high score draws (a result of 2-2 or higher) where the eight matches contain a total of 40 goals or more.

We print the results of the syndicate's entry every week in the magazine.

Extra time is not considered part of a match and the result at the end of normal play is taken as the final result.

In the event that a match is abandoned, the score at the time of the abandonment will be used as the final result.

A match will stand if a match is played at a neutral ground, or the venue of the match is altered/reversed.

If any football match on the pools coupon is not started on the "Game Date", a panel of experts (the 'pools panel') will agree a notional result, except if the match has been completed BEFORE the "Game Date", when the match will be declared 'void'.