Big Divi Terms & Conditions

  1. Subscribers must be aged 18 or over.
  2. The Big Divi magazine is published and posted to each subscriber on a weekly basis (except for the Christmas period).
  3. A subscription will normally commence within 7 days from the date the application is received.
  4. No responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions.
  5. Betting advice is primarily designed to enhance entertainment. No reliance should be placed on any result forecasting.
  6. The current price of each Big Divi weekly magazine is £2 (discounts are offered where the subscription is taken out for a period of eight or more weeks).
  7. The combined syndicate contribution is currently set at £3 per week per subscriber.
  8. Once the subscription period has ended, there is no obligation whatsoever to continue.
  9. As well as servicing the syndicates, from time to time the Big Divi magazine will include reports and results from some of the UK's 'big dividend' betting and pool games.
  10. The company will try to win prize money which in turn will be shared equally amongst all Big Divi subscribers. The reason for taking part should be as an entertainment, as opposed to an investment.
  11. No commission is deducted from any of the syndicates' winnings. The company's income is primarily derived from production of the magazine.
  12. Where the syndicate contributions are not fully spent in any particular week, the unspent funds will be added to a 'Rollover Pot', which will normally be spent on a Scoop6 bet in a future week at the company's discretion (usually when a large jackpot is available). Any prize money won, using 'Rollover Pot' funds, will only be distributed to anyone who is a registered subscriber for the relevant week that the bet was placed. Unspent funds or Rollover Pot funds can be transferred to Subscribers' accounts (treated as 'winnings') when deemed reasonable by the company.
  13. All winnings distributed to subscribers are automatically lodged in each subscriber's individual Big Divi account. Subscribers can then manage their own accounts. Sums can be withdrawn at any time or can be used in whole or part, towards another subscription period.
  14. In the event of a non-monetary prize being won by the syndicate, that prize or any element of that prize will be converted into a monetary sum, if possible, by the Big Divi organisers, in order to share it out equally amongst Subscribers. If any element of a prize cannot be converted to a monetary sum within a reasonable time, that element of the prize will be awarded to one Subscriber via a random draw or ballot. Examples of non-monetary prizes include luxury experiences, entertainment events, holidays and tangible items.
  15. Any Lotto tickets matching 2-numbers will currently receive a free 'Lucky Dip' ticket for a future draw. The company will redeem these 'Lucky Dip' tickets approximately every four weeks, and announce the numbers within the newsletter, usually before the draw. Any monetary prizes won from the Lucky Dip tickets will be shared between subscribers who were valid, current Big Divi subscribers on the date of the prize-money winning draw, NOT on the date when a Lucky Dip ticket was won as a 'prize'. A 'free Lucky Dip ticket' is not treated as prize-money.
  16. When a subscriber requests a cheque payment from Big Divi, a small sum (currently set at £2 per transaction) is deducted from the subscriber's account, to cover bank charges, administration and postage.
  17. Big Divi combines the supply of a weekly magazine plus syndicate entries. Neither can be purchased separately.
  18. The Tote Scoop6 entry ('Saturday 6 Club' number of selections per race) will vary on any particular week.
  19. Where the syndicate qualifies for the Tote Scoop6 Bonus Race, subscribers will be notified of the syndicate's selection for that race at the same time as the following week's normal jackpot entry is declared. If our Bonus Race selection is a non-runner, our selection will switch to the starting price favourite. In accordance with the Tote terms (correct at the time of writing), where there is a joint favourite, the selection becomes the horse with the lowest racecard number. In all circumstances, only the Big Divi subscribers who were part of the syndicate when the six-race jackpot was won, will share any winnings from the Bonus Race. For the sake of clarity, it is not possible for a new Big Divi subscriber to share the Bonus Fund prize money if that subscriber joined after the syndicate qualified for the Bonus Fund race.
  20. Participation in the syndicates is for personal enjoyment and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. Strictly only one subscription allowed per person.
  21. No refunds are given. However, a written request may be accepted to transfer the subscription to another person.
  22. Game promoters (The Football Pools, the Tote, Coral etc.) may change their rules from time to time, and in such instances, no liability or responsibility can be accepted by Big Divi if this should affect the operation of any of the syndicates.
  23. By submitting a subscription application, subscribers authorise the Big Divi management to make the selections for the syndicate’s entries, including, but not limited to, Scoop6, Lucky 15, Coral and The Football Pools' pools entries on their behalf. Normally, the syndicate’s lines of entry selections shall be made available prior to the games/draws/races, whenever possible.
  24. Due to postal and other restrictions, subscriptions are only accepted from UK residents.
  25. Payments (sterling) are accepted by debit card, cheque or postal order (made payable to "Big Divi").
  26. Copyright of all published material is the property of Big Divi. Material submitted by subscribers (e.g. letters to the editor, or photos etc.) must be their own work and the full copyright shall pass to Big Divi.
  27. Whilst these terms and conditions are comprehensive, and we believe, compliant with fair trading practices prescribed by Consumer Protection Legislation, if you dispute any element of our service, your recourse is to write in the first instance, detailing the nature of your complaint and we will attempt to resolve the issue. Write to; Contracts Department, Big Divi, PO Box 100, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 4TE. Or email:
  28. The right to change these terms and conditions, from time to time, is reserved and all reasonable steps will be taken to advise subscribers of such changes in advance.
  29. Big Divi is owned by Wentrow Media Ltd, which has processes in place to comply with GDPR. For full information, please refer to the 'Privacy Policy' on our website, or available by request.
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