'Premier 10' Rules

The Premier 10 is a jackpot game run by The Football Pools, in which they select ten football matches and set punters the task of forecasting whether each match will result in a home win, away win or a draw.

Each line of ten selections costs £1 to enter. One line means that you just make one choice (home, away or draw) for each of the ten matches. However, you can add alternative selections, thereby creating permutations, and this is what we do. Each extra selection doubles the £1 cost. So, for example, if we added a second selection in seven of the matches, and had just one selection in the other three matches, the permutation would be 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x1x1x1 = 128 lines x £1 = £128.

There are two prizes in the Premier 10 game: 1st (10 correctly predicted results), 2nd (9 correctly predicted results). The prize amounts will be confirmed by The Football Pools after the game has taken place.

If there is no winner with 9 correctly predicted results, the 2nd prize fund will be added to the 1st prize fund. If there is no winner with 10 correctly predicted results, this prize fund will be rolled over to the next game's 1st prize fund.

A match will be declared void if it is completed before the Game Date. If a match is declared void, all customer predictions will be deemed to be a correctly predicted result. Additionally, in the event that a match is abandoned, the score at the time of abandonment will be used as the final result.

Extra time is not considered part of a match and the result at the end of normal play is taken as the final result.

A match will stand if a match is played at a neutral ground, or the venue of the match is altered/reversed.

A panel of experts (the 'pools panel') will determine the results of any matches that do not take place within 72 hours of the "Game Date".