'The Football Jackpot' Rules

This is a jackpot game run by Coral, in which they select 15 football matches and set punters the task of forecasting whether or not each of the matches will result in a home win, away win or a draw. The matches are played over the standard weekend period, which is normally Saturday to Monday inclusive.

Each line of 15 selections costs £1 to enter. One line means that you just make one choice (home, away or draw) for each of the 15 matches. However, you can add alternative selections, thereby creating permutations, and this is what we do. Each extra selection doubles the £1 cost. So, for example, if we added a second selection in eight of the matches, and had just one selection in the other seven matches, the permutation would be 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x1x1x1x1x1x1x1 = 256 lines x £1 = £256

There are three prizes in 'The Football Jackpot':

The Jackpot Pool (15 correctly predicted results)
1st consolation dividend (14 correctly predicted results)
2nd consolation dividend (13 correctly predicted results)

The prize amounts will be confirmed by Coral after the game has taken place.

If a match is abandoned or postponed from its scheduled date or time, but is then rescheduled to take place no later than the advertised kick-off time of the last match on the coupon in chronological order, then provided the match is played to completion at the re-arranged time, all selections will stand.

If there is no winner of the Jackpot Pool, this prize fund will be rolled over to the next game's Jackpot Pool.

Extra time is not considered part of a match and the result at the end of normal play is taken as the final result.

If the match moves to a neutral venue then the match shall be valid. If the match is reversed and the away team on the entry slip becomes the home team, or if either of the teams involved alter and play different opponents to those listed, then the match will be void.

If only 12, 13 or 14 matches are played, the Pool will still operate as defined with the following stipulations: The Jackpot Pool will operate on correctly forecasting all available matches. 1st Consolation will operate on correctly forecasting all matches except one. 2nd Consolation will operate on correctly forecasting all matches except two.

If 11 or fewer matches are played (but not less than four), the Jackpot Pool will still operate, but there will be no 1st or 2nd consolation dividend winners in operation. 30% of the prize Pool will be carried over to the next available Pool.

If less than four matches are played the Pool will be void and all monies staked will be returned.