What's included in Big Divi?

Big Divi subscribers automatically acquire membership of the following three clubs for the duration of their Big Divi subscription period:


A large syndicate entry into the Tote Scoop6, as well as a Lucky 15 entry. The syndicate selections plus additional professional advice can also be used to help you with your own winner selecting for racing on a Saturday.


a syndicate playing the National Lottery Lotto game every Saturday, plus EuroMillions on Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus an  entry in the Thunderball every Saturday.


A syndicate playing Goal Rush every week, as well as an entry in 'The Football Jackpot'. Plus quality football betting advice, including the 'Premiership Superbet'.

About Big Divi

Each week Big Divi has entries in the following games:

  • Tote Scoop6 (Saturday)
  • Lucky 15 (Saturday)
  • Lotto (Saturday)
  • EuroMillions (Tuesday AND Friday)
  • Thunderball (Saturday)
  • 'The Football Jackpot' (Saturday)
  • 'Football Longshot Bet' (Saturday)
  • Goal Rush (Saturday)
  • Subscribers also receive:
  • A weekly magazine to keep you up to date with the syndicate's entries and results
  • Horseracing & football tips

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Big Divi targets some of the most valuable jackpot prizes available in this country, in the Lotto, EuroMillions, Tote Scoop6, Goal Rush, The Football Jackpot and Thunderball games. Big Divi is brought to you by Event Betting Ltd., which has run the successful Saturday 6 Club syndicate since its launch in 2007, and is a sister company to the long-established Elite Racing Club and Elite Registrations businesses.

Big Divi subscribers automatically acquire membership of three clubs (see left), which feature EIGHT syndicates: a Tote Scoop6 syndicate, a Lucky 15 syndicate, a Lotto syndicate, a EuroMillions syndicate, a Goal Rush syndicate, a Football Longshot syndicate, a 'Football Jackpot' syndicate, and a Thunderball syndicate.

Our teams put their experience and analytical skills to good use when making the syndicate's selections on the behalf of our subscribers. The Saturday 6 Club has won over £1.5 million since 2007. We employ strategy when placing Lotto, EuroMillions and Thunderball lines, with the aim of maximising the winning potential of our extensive line coverage. The Lottery Club enjoyed a high-profile success when winning a £250,000 jackpot share, in addition to several five-number lines over the years.

Subscribers are provided with full details of all our syndicate entries in advance, which enables them to keep in touch with the syndicate's progress each week, with further information and confirmation of results available through our weekly magazine. In addition to information relating to the syndicates, the Big Divi magazine also features interesting horseracing and football tips and other betting articles, designed to increase your enjoyment.

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